15th August. Hoax revisted.

Having been struck down by Gastric Flu for the last few days (cue hilarious comments about verbal diarrohea) I've been unable to venture out of the house infact I've been unable to venture more than a few feet from the toilet. However during this time an amusing comment appeared on this post CLICK HERE Not only does the deluded individual claim footage of the Mystery Derbyshire Accentor he/she also claims to have posted it on You Tube. Sadly he/she hasn't provided a link so after endless hours (actually I found it in seconds) of searching I bring you the video in question. I can only assume that the recorder filmed this whilst on a diamorphine drip!

Hold on a minute isn't that bloke with the gloves on a young Brian Blanned - the plot thickens.

Incidentally should the real video appear I will smear my bollocks with pie filling and lay spread eagle on Fitful Head offering said gonads as Raven food.

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