The Camargue

There are a couple of points worth bearing in mind when visiting the Camargue. Firstly this is not like visiting a quaint little RSPB reserve in North Norfolk it is vast and there is no way that you can cover anything more than a small fraction of it in a day so I was a bit daft thinking that I could. We in fact covered just the eastern saltpans and a small area of a reedbed that was about the size of Minsmere. As it was very windy we saw diddly except for a Bonneli's Warbler around the picnic area, but the mossies enjoyed our presence. Back on the Saltpans the expected Flamingos provided some entertainment for the ladies who did not appreciate my excitement at two nearby Slender-billed Gulls feeding by the roadside (though I did later count a total of 61 off the beach car park). Waders were mostly Curlew Sandpipers with several hundred present among the more usual Med' waders and a single Little Stint.

The other point worth bearing in mind is the lack of public toilets. An emergency toilet stop over a likely looking banking led to the discovery that this was the favourite spot for the last ten years worth of visitors - though I would have loved to have met the human that deposited something that even a horse would have been proud of. My attempt to photograph the aforementioned stool was sadly thwarted by the untimely arrival of a couple of Germans who presumably wanted to use the facilities, my resulting coughing noises alerted them that the 'cubicle' was taken!

Hopefully we will get to explore the whole area and the adjacent hills and deserta at a more suitable time of year in the near future.

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The Leicester Llama said...

I wouldn't have worried about some Germans putting you off photographing a turd - that's probably what they were intending to do as well!