19th - 23rd August. Musical Pies

Still very quiet on the birding front with just Yellow-legged Gulls and a small flurry of Ringed Plovers on Orgreave prior to the weekend.
Thursday was the day of the U2 concert at Don Valley. Despite thinking that Bono is a twat I agreed to accompany Jo - after all it would no doubt earn me some valuable autumn birding points. As it turned out they were pretty amazing and apart from some political nonsense he came across as an alright bloke.

Somewhat of a musical weekend with our now annual trip to the V festival in Chelmsford, where apart from the musical excellence on offer I uncovered a rather excellent purveyor of quality pies.

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Anonymous said...

Our Motherships were served in a dainty box. When in Essex I suppose the have to dumb down. I had the Chicken of aragon and two days later the Moo pie. Leigh had the Moo and Blue.

They did let themselves down by not correcting the spelling on the heidi pie between Summer Sundae and V.