10th May. More bloody dog owners.

After a quick check of Orgreave where the highlight was two Dunlin we decided on a walk round RV. Starting at Pit-house West I was pleasantly surprised with a singing Sedge Warbler - my first here in several years. This species has significantly declined in the Rother Valley over the last few though there appears no shortage of suitable habitat.
Back to dog walkers. Just because you walk in front of your dogs while they have a shit does not mean you don't have to pick it up!!

RV was now typically over flowing with joggers, kamikaze cyclists and more dog walkers one of which spent the best part of 20 minutes screaming at her spaniel whilst it pursued a mallard and her ducklings. This all served to remind me just why I don't miss RV these days. Don't get me wrong the park will still get the birds, particularly whilst the two birding stalwarts keep plugging away, but the general public and especially the new regime (Oak Holdings) are a big turn off for me!

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Mike Watson said...

Something I have noticed recently are the utter twats who pick up their dog's shit in a plastic bag and once back near the car park, sling the plastic bag in the bushes or simply leave it next to their car and drive off. I am going off dog owners! Keep up the good work! BR Mike