14th May. Dull

Following an extensive eye straining scan of Orgreave Lagoon the best I could come up with was two Common Sands and a new Gropper. Staying out longer than normal I wandered down to Treeton Dyke where I expected Terns various. Tern singular would have done but sadly the air and lines of buoys were devoid!
Blue Mans Bower would surely be holding a Temminck's, this turned out to be as likely as me having last nights winning lottery ticket in my back pocket - which as anyone who knows me will know I don't do the lottery (tax on the stupid and all that).

A evening visit to Orgreave did at least pay some dividend with at least 5 Dunlin and a Sanderling present.

Anyway the main point of this post (if indeed there is any point) was to draw your attention to this piece of lyrical mastery - enjoy.

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