15th May. Clag

With a continuing easterly and accompanying *clag the prospects of some 'scarce' was promising. Taking advantage of the gift that is flexi time I decided on a thorough check of my three regular sites.
The clag had increased to scale 10 and my optimism had increased. However the hoped for wader fest' at Orgreave did not transpire unless you count 2 Dunlin and a handful of LRP's! Treeton was no better the hoped for terns just weren't there and I was prevented from getting to Blue Mans by a road closure. I don't usually bother with Catcliffe as it's well past its sell by date though I was plesantly surprised to have 4 Artic Terns steam through with no intention of stopping.

The evening visit was no better except with the addition of a thunderstorm.

*Clag - adj, heavy drizzly conditions often accompanied by easterly winds.

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Anonymous said...

That look, just about sums it up, Mark.