4th May. Futile Twitchering

Having the bonus of a Bank Holiday to recover from the previous two days I decided to put it to good use and twitch the Dungeness Crested Lark. Having turned down the offer of a lift, that would have meant me sleeping in the car, I decided to leave at 4am and pick up the 'Drunk Birder' en route -who was surprisingly sober. Arriving at Dunge' at 7.20am we were greeted with the news that it had been seen up to 6.30am when it flew off towards the Old Lighthouse. Having been present since Wednesday it had finally decided to up sticks and leave 50 minutes before my arrival and was not seen again during the day - bollocks. Roy and Andy (who had offered me the overnight stay in the back of the car) were successful which serves me right - probably. So after 500 miles all I came away with was sunburn and distant views of Northern France where there was no doubt thousands of Crested Larks + 1!

This was my first long distance twitch since the White-tailed Plover and, given the pain of dipping, may very well prove to be my last perhaps.

Crested Lark - not showing well

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