9th May. LiRPs

What is it about dog walkers? No matter how early you get up there's always one up and about before you. This morning was no exception when on arrival at Orgreave one had beaten me to it and was already walking his mongrel around the edge of the lagoons, oblivious to the Little Ringed Plovers alarm calling around him - TWAT!! I went through the pointless exercise of scanning the edges and saw surprisingly nothing. Why is it that dog walkers feel compelled to get as near to the edge as possible not matter what shit they have to walk through?

I gave up here and visited another site where a pair of LRP's were showing ridiculously close to a public footpath allowing for some up arse digiscoping.


DorsetDipper said...

we have dog-walkers on our local flooded field. They love sending their spaniels round the edge of the pond. Christ knows what star birds they've chased away. And then they pretend they don't know they are trespassing!

Anonymous said...

A more pointless exercise is trying to be reasonable and ask dog walkers politely to keep their dogs under close control.
You may as well just call them thick cunts from the outset and save you getting the first volley of abuse.