22nd May. Knot so bad

With a change in the weather and wind direction it's no surprise that the last few days have been very poor. Forced myself out of the house this morning, despite the conditions being less than favourable and decided on a wander around the lagoons at Orgreave. This is technically trespassing but seeing as dozens of dog walkers have been doing it for months I thought why not!

No sooner had I sat down behind a convenient rock I noticed 3 medium sized waders drop to the shore and out of view, my immediate gut feeling was Knot which was surprisingly correct. Another patch tick and once they'd settled down I managed a couple of digiscoped shots before purchasing a brace of celebratory pies from Morrisons.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing much just that yet again Pienet scores first by pointing out that Holland's Pies sponsored Burnley beat the Pigs in the play-off final. I guess for supporting Malta the pigs get their just desserts eh?