10TH October. It begins

Having arranged to pick Rob et al up from the Sumburgh Hotel at midnight today was never going to be an early start. However heavy rain and a strengthening southeaster as I left for the pub hinted that the morning might bring change.

Leaving the house around nine it was obvious there had been an arrival of thrushes, indeed the Llama had noted calling Redwings during his morning ablutions.

Further evidence of movement was evident in Toab with a couple of Goldcrests opposite the post office and further Redwings. I also had brief views of yesterdays Grasshopper Warbler behind the post office. With continuing fall like conditions we headed towards Sumburgh Head.

Rob and Andy covered the Grutness crop first whilst I headed for the first quarry. More migrants in the quarry with at least 6 Goldcrests, 2 Robins and a Ring Ouzel. Birding conditions by now were getting poorer as the wind increased. Lots more Goldcrests and Redwings were evident at the head and it was clear that birds were still arriving. A Western Bonelli's Warbler at Bigton was tempting but not tempting enough, though further evidence of 'new' birds.

Following a much needed cuppa, food and a chair breaking incident we headed back out around Toab. Unfortunately it was now raining heavily and after spending a frustrating hour at Scatness unsuccessfully looking for another unidentified Locustella, scoring a consolation Long-eared Owl, we retreated to Sunnydell wet and tired.

Tomorrow really does look promising - watch this space.


The Leicester Llama said...

You fat fucker - the chair didn't break when anyone else sat on it!

Mark said...

Sadly that is true. For the first time in my life I am a fat bastard

col said...

but wait - there, under the chair are tell-tale signs of sawdust! Someone must have sawn halfway thru the leg while you were out in the hope that you'd injure yourself and be unable to blog anymore, thus calling a halt to the blog war! But who could have done such a thing? shurely not Rob, the responsible home-owner? He'll probly try claiming off his home insurance too!

Marcus Lawson said...

This looks like the one that I "fixed" whilst I was up there, I hope you didn't get a screw in an awkward place??!