Rarity Stats

During a period of boredom I began to think what the distribution of 'rare' might look like this month. This was inspired by the lack of BB rarities on Scilly, which is apparently nothing to do with the lack of birds but more to do with the place being over run by pensioners new to birding and loved up middle aged couples. Trawling through RBA's superb website I managed to come up with the following graph though a pie chart would have been more appropriate. This shows new rares during the first 16 days of October and no hangers on from September. It's fairly straightforward, indeed it was created by a ten year old and failure to understand has nothing to do with me it's just that you're probably thick. I might update it at the end of the month, I might not!

Click on it if you're blind


The Leicester Llama said...

I'll hold you personally responsible if Shetland is overrun with Scillies-style wankers next October because of that graph!

Rob said...

Looking at that graph there have been more rarities in the Midlands than Cornwall/Scilly and Yorkshire, so hopefully all the Scilly-style wankers will chose the cheaper option and spend a fortnight in Derbyshire.

Gary said...

Too late I've just received a booking for two(44 seater) coach parties for the first two weeks of Octber,wishing a Lancy on a plate. Northlink Ferries and Flybe have told me the're fully booked for this period as of today.Bizzarely the local pie producers are having what can only be described as a series of pie wars, due to the anticipated economic gains of next October, post script- as of 21.50hrs the major "pie families" in Shetland are declared illegally dead(the day to be known as Ground Pie) Strong rumours suggest Morrisons are steping in to capitalise on the void market.
All I can say to anyone interpreting this graph is remember the three lies -"lies,damned lies and ...."