4th October. Eastern Promise

The sound of rain beating on the window at first light made it all the more easy to stay in bed this morning, however after an hour or so the rain had stopped and the wind dropped.  After dicking around with clothing, webcams and boots the Llama and I decided to do the adjacent area. Almost immediately Andy picked up a Yellow-browed which I got on straight away despite poncing around with my wellies. It promptly dissapeared never to be seen again. As I set out along the shore of the POV Rob rang to say he'd just had a Bluethroat in the garden which had presumably come out of a hole in the ground as we'd already checked it four times. This also  vanished forever.  The rest of the day was spent checking crop fields, ditches and Iris beds to no avail though it was noted that more migrants were in e.g Lesser Whitethroat, 3 Chiffchaffs, several Chaffinch and 4 Snow Buntings not much but apparently a big improvement.  The day finished nicely when I found a Common Rosefinch in the crop within brick chucking distance of Rob's house - perhaps we would have been more succesful sitting on the bench outside?

It's not all bad though, there's some serious rares on here at the moment and a look at RBA will show you that all the good stuff is on Shetland. Unfortunately it's mostly up north, though with the threat of some easterlies during the next week our time will come - hopefully.
Fitfull Head (west side)

With the shops shut a tasty substitute for pies was found!


Alan Tilmouth said...

I think there's a recipe somehwere for roadkill Hedgehog I'll dig it out and forward it on.

Earl Gray or Dave for short! said...

I think one of Rob's Cats has taken a shine to the webcam or you have the yeti on Shetland now?!!

Alan Tilmouth said...

Perhaps it was the elusive Shetland Llama, can you describe it Dave?