5th October. Fieldwork = Hardwork

Another knackering day for few rewards.  It didn't help that I started out later than I had promised myself following an evening with a bottle of Jura. I bright sunny morning with a southeasterly waft greeted me and despite the thumping head and general lethargy I finally got out at just after 9am. Andy picked up another Yellow-browed in the willows and last nights Rosefinch. The former later moved to the garden with a Willow Warbler and the Rosefinch back into the crop field. A Tree Pipit heard calling by Andy landed in front of me and did reveal itself to be just that rather than the hoped for Olive-backed.  Still feeling unwell I headed for the Toab shop in search of pies.  A bland looking minced meat pie was on offer so I made my excuses and left with just a can of Dandelion and Burdock and some Paracetamols.

Andy has a theory that midday is the time to get up to Sumburgh Head and greet the incoming migrants (he does have a valid point here as in the past birds such as Pallas's have arrived around this time). Today the theory failed with just a handful of Snow Buntings there.

The walk down towards Grutness rewarded us with nothing - not a single migrant but the news of an Eye-browed Thrush on North Ron spurred our enthusiasm a bit!

The Force Is Strong 

The first half of the afternoon was to be spent around Levenwick but not before calling at Mainlands to check on the shelves.  A quick scan of the fridge area revealed more minced meat pies and nothing else, however skulking in deep cover was a flock of mixed pies containing three Lasagne Pies and the less than annual Sausage, Bean and Mash Pie. After some over zealous photography and the rustling of paper bags the pies left leaving just a solitary Lasagne Pie behind which was still showing well when we departed.  

Levenwick is one of my favourite areas of south mainland and the gardens always look promising.  Not much to show for our efforts but the first Garden Warbler and Brambling of the trip.After a couple of hours in the area we headed back to finish the day at Sumburgh. The crop field at Grutness was productive in that we had Rosefinch, Bluethroat and a Short-toed Lark just beyond in the grassy field, but these were all other peoples birds from earlier in the week and that just won't do.  Another Yellow-browed Warbler was in the Sumburgh Hotel garden along with a Willow Warbler and a single Redwing. 

There appears to no other visiting birders currently covering South Mainland and with most of the residents at work it's hard work but the wind has increased, is eastish and there's a bit of rain so fingers crossed.

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Peter said...

sausage, bean and mash - are you sure? toad in the pie?!

this seems like a denigration of the all time classic bean, mash and a wee bit of generic cheese sprinkled on top pie - fusion cuisine, where will it lead us to next...