8th October. Not much to say

Not a lot happening today. Strong, cold northerley wind for most of the day meant not a lot of birds. Despite working the Grutness crop field three times all we managed was a Yellow-browed, Bluethroat and a probable Reed Bunting.
Art or just a pile of shit

At risk of jynxing things the wind is set to go east for at least the next 24 hours - who knows it might be great, it may be shit.

For anyone who doesn't know the area this is the view from Rob's window. Note the tags showing well known sites as featured on RBA etc.

Whilst we sit here feeling smug at the quality rares we musn't forget our friends in the south west. The exclusive shot below shows this evenings log call in the Scillonian Club.

"Rosefinch one Porthloo"

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