11th September. D.I.V.O.R.C.E

As the great Dolly once sang "My D.I.V.O.R.C.E becomes final today." Hurrah. I can barely believe it's been almost a year since this blog began (as a distraction from my trauma) how things change along the road that is life. My birding has quietened down as a result, though coincidentally it has been a very poor year on the whole. I have adopted a new patch whilst still paying the occasional visit to RV and the surrounding environs. It hasn't been an easy time but my new partner (why does that always sound gay?) is very understanding and sympathetic to my needs (the birding ones as well) and without Jo and my family and friends life would have been unbearable. This is starting to get a bit maudling!! For any other birders about to embark on a similar journey (and there's a lot out there) keep smiling and you'll get through it in the end. Ironically my birding has become more enjoyable over the last twelve months and will only improve.

End of sermon.

Three weeks to Shetland

Can't be arsed with all this predicting 'rares' nonsense, however I predict a large fall of pies in the Sandwick area around 10am on the 6th. Among the usual 'common' will be the odd 'scarce'( lasagne pie) and possibly the odd 'rare' (macaroni cheese pie) I doubt this year will see the appearance of any 'giga rares' (mushroom and tofu) but one never knows.

Talking of predictions

Me thinks that the Punks are hiding something.

Northwest string

The guys in the Northwest appear to have found a way around the 'credit crunch' simply stick out news of a couple of 'rares' and an 'ultra rare' to keep the phone lines bustling. Don't worry that they'll all turn out to be utter bollocks and that the Northwest will get a reputation for being ultra stringy the money will keep rolling in.

Recent Strings from the NW:

Cowbird = Blackbird
Whiskered Tern = Arctic Tern
Sharp-tailed Sand' = Ruff
Steak and Kidney = Mince and Onion


Awesome White Dog Shit found in the Canaries HERE


John Hague said...

Congratulations on your divorce. I was elated when mine came through a few years back now. I've never looked back since thanks to Leigh.

Ring Stringer said...

Oy! Two of those strings were in Wales, not the northwest (ie of Engerland). Birding in the NW is shite enough without rubbing our noses in it (tho S Yorks doesn't sound much better to be honest). BTW, the other string was a non-birder. Please retract your outlandish comments and publicly apologise immediately or I'll purchase every pie in Shetland before you get there and replace them with minced sparky.