21st September. Only One in Scunthorpe.

Leaping out of bed at 7am and flinging open the curtains to be greeted by a not too bad at all day we decided on a spot of birding. First locally and then where ever Mr Filby's magic box might send us. After a quick breakfast and grabbing some provisions (a couple of Morrisons steak pies) we headed for Orgreave OC. Every small bush was covered in cobwebs and little snails but typically the barren landscape produced nothing on the wader front as did nearby Whiston Meadows. I decided on heading to Blacktoft with the aim of calling at Hatfield Moors for a couple of Pec' Sands and possibly Alkborough near Scunthorpe for a Wilson's Phalarope.

Ickle Snail

Even at 9am Blacktoft was beginning to fill with noisy dudes whose presence was made even more annoying by their annexing of the Marshlands Hide. Fortunately the other hides were more or less empty but apart from a few Bearded Tits there was little of interest. Back at the car the steak pies were demolished and we headed for the Wilson's Phal'.

Hmmm Pie

Alkborough Flatts is only a mile, as the crow flies, from Blacktoft, but unfortunately 22 miles by road!! Unfortunately the phalarope had vanished and the heat haze made it very difficult to see anything. After 45 minutes of eye straining I'd had enough and decided to try for the Pecs. Hatfield Moors is a vast wasteland of post peat extraction land and like a giant maze. In short I got hopelessly lost and pissed off with the sun so we went home.

Charming greeting as you enter North Lincs

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