26th September. Some Recognition

At last some recognition for my photographic prowess.

After the excitement of yesterday it was always going to be difficult for today to live up to it. So it was no surprise that today was a bit of a damp squib. With a stubborn blanket of fog over much of Sheffield I decided to head for Blacktoft with the thinking that I would at least be half way to most sites on the Yorks/Lincs coast. Blacktoft was surprisingly devoid of spotters but also pretty empty on the bird front. However I did have a Bittern and several Bearded Tits. A mass clear out on the east coast was evident and no new birds were being found so the chance of a few juicy morsels was unlikely so I went home for a nap!

On the way to Blacktoft I called at the service area just off the M62 where I had a hot tip of hot pies. This tip off prooved right as hot pies were indeed on offer, albeit a whopping £1.55. I went for a Chicken and Mushroom. A tasty specimen with a light shortcrust pastry. I would have awarded it 10 points, instead of 8, however whilst trying to eat and drive it broke in two and the volcanic juices leaked out whilst it was on my lap and found their way into my groin!!

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John Hague said...

That's my evil vengence for not only you but also Beth ticking Brown Shrike. I always eat my pies whilst stationary as I don't fancy explaining to the cops/insurers why I ploughed into a queue of pensioners moaning outside the post office that they queue from 7.30am only to finf their pensions are paid directly into the bank now.

Congrats on probably the second (after mine) certificate to be awarded by The Llama. My first for Britain was better than any Brown Shrike... oh fuck it, who am I trying to kid. I hate myself for not joining Beth on the 'sick' list!