4th September. Eateries

At the risk of doing myself out of sustenance during my eleven day jaunt to Shetland I will attempt to show as many pie establishments over the coming months. Why? Because I'm bored and the birding is crap and it'll pass an hour or three!!

Pie stop Number 1 Sandwick Bakery

The Northern Isles premier pie stop. Beware they soon run out particularly around the local schools lunchtime and they don't open Sunday's. Near to Hoswick Hotel which always has a few specimens of interest in the garden.

Pie stop Number 2 Toab Post Office

The very friendly people of Toab Post Office http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/531829 always welcome birders and their appetites. For a small shop they sell a surprising amount of provisions including super noodles and string. Pies are supplied by Sandwick and Walls Bakeries http://www.wallsbakery.co.uk/ among others. A good variety of alcohol is stocked though the cheapest of the cheap whisky is usually out of stock by the 20th October. Certainly one of the most fruitful of birding areas with 2 Pechora Pipits being just a Scotch Eggs throw away in recent years.

Further pie establishments will follow with any additional (Shetland) stockists welcomed (photos would be good Rob/Russ)


Andy Mackay said...

Best thing to do with a scotch egg really - throw it at a Pechora Pipit!

John Hague said...

Totally agree Andy, you ought to try it just as the rest of The Drunkbirders come marauding over the hills like a scene from a fat remake of Braveheart called Braveheartattack.

col said...

no photos but the whalsay shop just up from the harbour does (or used to anyway) exceedingly good tattie & bean pies, and macaroni pies too. Haven't had anything as good a pechora while pie-eating - probly managed spoonbill tho - which may well be rarer in shetland terms than pechora?? Its been ages.....