13th September. To Hull in a hand cart

Too much wine following some text hostilities with the ex ensured a lie in and subsequently no morning birding. However a trip to Morrisons for some Sunday essentials meant I could at least have a look at Orgreave O C. The Hollyoaks omnibus would have been better as the OC was typically crap - no I'm not trying to scare would be watchers away it really is crap. My will power stood up to the pie stall though I couldn't help staring like a kid at the sweet shop window.

The only birding planned for the afternoon was the monthly webs count at RV, however a phonecall from Pete W at 5pm changed things a little. The call went along the lines of "we've just trapped a Pallas's Gropper at Spurn etc etc" Having bizzarely decided not to go for the Blakeney bird a few years back I couldn't let this one go so having dropped off Beth we left for Spurn at 5.20pm. Arriving in Hull at 6pm (I'm sure the ticket will be on its way) I was informed by the pager that there was no further sign following release - bollocks. A quick call to Pete confirmed this and also that hardly anyone was looking for it! With this I decided to turn back. Unfortunately it was reliably seen again at 7pm though the views (according to a good source) were untickable - but like a friend of mine would say "Shit views are better than no views" - yes Roy but are they?

An unfortunate navigational mistake had me going too far along the M62 but paid off with a nice juv Osprey pearched on telegraph poles at Old Moor.

Almost as good as these shots


John Hague said...

It's better not to have ticked than to have had shite views of a bird that leaves you feeling somewhat disappointed. In Dave Gray's case shite views of a bird that wasn't what it was supposed to be.

Kicking that PG Tips up from Quendale will be all the sweeter in a few weeks from now!

John Hague said...

PS PG Tips was just for the Llama!