12th September. Pie Squared

The benefit of working for such a caring organisation such as SCC is that they let you work a nine day fortnight. This in short means that I get every other Friday off to do as I please. So with an prolonged easterly draught forecast which migration hotspot would I find myself at? Spurn? Flamborough? Lincs coast? No - Orgreave, Catcliffe, Whiston and RV!! I decided that the east coast would be crap and by and large I was right - at least for today.

Orgreave held one migrant a Common Sand and 10 Teal. Whiston/Treeton Meadows was marginally better with a juv Whitethroat and several Chiffies, though a flock of around 30 Yellowhammers reminded me of ye old days.

Highlight of the morning was a visit to Morrisons to purchase two exquisite steak pies. These really were 10 pointers and enhanced by the fact that they were eaten whilst birding Orgreave from the footbridge.

Other sites were equally crap with two Snipe at Pit-house West being the only birds of note!


John Hague said...

What make of pie are we talking about Mark, what sort of pastry?

Phil from Stoke said...

I must have your dream job, i am a quality manager that makes pies and & sausage Rolls for supermarkets which include M&S.
Every day we have to have a taste panel!!!!!!!

Launching a Steak & Stilton pie soon how does that sound!!!!!

Keep up the good work on the blog and dont forget Cornwall not Shetland is the place to be this Autum.

Phil from Stoke aka, Sylvia Staffs

Mark said...

John. Twas a store baked pastry delight made from shortcrust and filled with large chunks of steak and thick rich gravy.

Phii.Steak and Stilton sounds good will there be free samples heading north? As for the Autumn you may well be right - but we'll see;)

Phil from Stoke said...

If (and its a big if) we have a chance of a tick on the mainland we will have to meet up and i will try and get you Steak & Stilton Pies just for you!!!!

If not they will be on sale in M&S very soon!!!!

P.s butter enriched puff pastry and Scottish Steak!!!!!

Heres to a tick sometime!!!


John Hague said...

Puff pastry!? Puff!? Pastry? what kind of witchcraft and trickery do you preach Phil from Stoke? I'd stick to oatcakes if I were you and leave pastry products to us Northern boys.