20th September. Paul Daniels Must Die

Not much happening this week. More Mega Alerts than you can shake a stick at, which would be daft as they'd fly off! Anyway they were either in foreign lands, remote islands or not megas at all (Greater Sandplover!). Great Snipes were not at all great and when a proper one was found access was pulled after a bunch of pricks trespassed.

This morning was spent ringing at Ramsley After setting 5 nets up we were put to work with a constant supply of Lesser Redpoll. In the end we had rung around 180 though interestingly none were re-traps suggesting that there is a hell of a lot of Redpolls going through there, over 300 had been rung this week prior to today. By 11am we were knackered and fortunately the nets were empty so we packed up.

I was awoken from my much needed afternoon nap with a call from Andy D informing me of a Honey Buzzard over Treeton. This prompted me out in to the garden where almost immediately the dark sillouette of a Buzzard was picked up over Aston Church. Unfortunately this bird was a Common Buzzard but encouraged me to spend a bit more time out there staring at the sky, even if I was pushing the lawn mower at the time!!

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