13th September.. A Country Outing

Some years ago, whilst sat in a hide at Denaby Ings I was being regaled with stories about the kind of antics that go on in the hides there. Trev 'sin em' Feltham described how the site was regularly used by gay men as a meeting point and how on one occasion he had to forceably remove two 'gentlemen' during a daylight session!

A search of the web in the name of research reveals that not only is this site still actively promoted amongst the gay cruising community but a number of other local birding sites are!

However modern society is more tolerant these days of such goings on and as a result this activity no longer provides these risk seekers desire. Photographic proof, received this morning, appears to suggest that they have taken their thrill seeking to another level by attempting to lure unsuspecting birders into the bushes!

It would be the last time that Stu posted a 'lift offered' message on the pager!


Dean said...

"Trev 'sin em' Feltham"

That pseudonym will stick with him forever.

Stephen Dunstan said...

If you are ever in Blackpool try the Lytham St Annes Nature Reserve rosefinch / subalpine warbler copse. I was followed in a couple of weeks ago, normally they have the manners to wait for an invite!

thedrunkbirder said...

Groby Pool in Leicestershire has its moments. Dave Mack's desperate attempts to find somewhere quiet for a dump are the stuff of legend...

Colin said...

Shellness Nature Reserve, Isle of Sheppey, in Kent (adjacent to the "naturist" area) used to be a pretty "hot potato" - excellent for Marsh and Hen Harriers, Short-eared Owls, plus Arse Bandits who did not even use the hides for their activities; the tings I have seen through my 'scope there defy description.

My last visit there was 14 years ago when I witnessed a "gay event" (indescribable) and subsequently, on my way back to the car park, found the two participants getting into a red Ford Sierra with the number plate "GAY 1" - true story.

Still, in the Algarve during the holiday period, anything goes (or comes!) on the beaches and in the sand dunes.