18th September. Gripped

Text messaging is great most of the time, but receiving gripping news this evening from Andy and Roy that they'd just had the Fea's Petrel off Kilnsea isn't! Many of you will know Roy and some of you will be aware that he's a right lucky get! Several megas spring to mind that Roy has seen that in football terms would be described as injury time, that is he didn't go straight away but jammed in on it on it's last day. So as I knew Roy and Andy were off to Spurn this weekend in less than ideal conditions it perhaps should have come as no surprise that the lucky bastard would score big time!
As I understand it Roy picked up the bird as it headed towards Kilnsea and then again as it headed north past Easington - top marks Roy you jammy bastard!

Conversely poor old Pete, who despite living almost next door, doesn't appear to have had Roy's luck rub off on him. Following the death of his car on the way to the Oriental Pratincole his fortune doesn't seem to be improving. Pete recently retired (or at least appears to have) from Sheffield birding to become one of the Spurn drunken animals regulars. Despite religiously spending almost every weekend at the Obs he chose, for reasons best known to him, to go to Bulgaria for two weeks in September starting yesterday!

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