2nd September. I Don't Care What The Weather Man Says.....

There seems a lot of speculation of late that it's going to be a mega year for New World rares. The drunkbirder is going all Wincy Willis whilst the Punks have gone all proper Met Office with charts and shit. I prefer to go down the common sense route and to misquote the great Michael Fish "Earlier on today some birder rang the BBRC and said they had heard that there was a hurricane of rare on the way " "Well if your watching don't worry there isn't."

Nothing to see here

The last few days

Whilst those greedy bastards in the East Midlands basked in a rush of scarce and rare over the bank holiday weekend and the Spurn boys scratched their heads over a mystery Ficedula, I continued as normal scouring the banks of Orgreave. As a reward I secured two self found year ticks, namely, Turnstone and Sedge Warbler - that's about as exciting as it gets! At least the latter skulked and gave tantalising brief views as it flitted around in the long grass very briefly raising hope that it could have been something a little better. Surprisingly, given how shit it really is, they were my 111th and 112th self found birds at Orgreave this year - whoo hoo!!

And finally

There is of course, as usual, justification for my bitter cynicism regarding the imminent weather systems. For the next two weeks I have been ordered to attend Sheffield Crown Court for my second go at jury service. So think of me whilst, during the middle of next week, you're tripping over a sea of Sapsuckers or staring at a tree full of Tanagers. I will be stuck in a sweaty court room whilst little Jimmy "who never done no one no wrong" is up in front of the beak for kicking the shit out of some poor old pensioner. No doubt being punished with a slap on the wrist and an all inclusive to Disneyland.

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