7th September. Who Are Ya?

Went to bed last night more than a little excited about the evenings weather, almost gale force south-easterlies and torrential rain - surely the right recipe for some east coast rare and maybe some local scarce.

The advantage of doing jury service is that I can have an extra hour birding in the morning. The disadvantage is that I'm shafted if a lifer turns up.
Orgreave was very disappointing with nothing of interest and very little of no interest! I persevered and checked the bushes along the Rother. Plenty of activity but only Long-tailed Tits a good handful of Chiffs and a Blackcap., clearly no fall here!

After a rather trying day in court, where I had the privilege of being the jury foreman and handing out a guilty verdict, I needed a couple of hours birding. I would have preferred somewhere other than Orgreave, but had to make do. Plenty of gulls to look through with nice adut Yellow-legged among them. Best of all, though 'best' is stretching it a bit, was a nice party of five Greenshank - the largest gathering that I've ever seen locally!

According to the counter at the bottom of this page this is the 165th most popular birding website on the fat birder list. It's nice to know that people read this but it's beyond me why it outranks such quality blogs such as Martin's Birding Frontiers which should really be in the top 100. I don't know who most of you are but thanks and Dad keep hitting that refresh button!


The Leicester Llama said...

You seem to have regressed a couple of months in your post title, Mark. Another 'senior moment'?

Mark said...

Oh dear, seem to be having far too many of those these days!!