26th September. Hard Going Trails

Well it was a walk I hadn't done since I was 17 and hopefully it'll be 23 years before have to do it again. The photos do it no justice and I won't pretend that I can tell Willow from Alder because like everyone else I can't. All the same it will sit on the list as Trails Flycatcher, as would Soft-plumage Petrel if I ever see one other than off a boat!

Great bird, great twitch with no more than 5o present at any one time - suggesting that either everyone else (who's bothered about this kind of thing) either saw the Cornish bird or are just too unfit.
Further down the road at Kelling another first Red-necked and Grey Phalarope together.

Little and Large


thedrunkbirder said...

Daily Express/BBC Breakfast are still calling it a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher so it must be true... Princess Di would have loved to have twitched it had MI6 and Prince Philip not had her murdered...

Anonymous said...


Funniest Mitchell and Webb sketch ever?

Or this one?


Excited AndyL

thedrunkbirder said...

Excellent Mr Lawson