17th September. Mauled

I seem to have become the latest target of those feline anarchists the Reservoir Cats, with a pie/pasty related spoof. However such is the depth of their humour (or my skin being as thick as a rhino) it took a day and a comment from the highly mobile Tom Logan before I realised it! Of course I'm flattered and being a firm believer that you shouldn't give it out if you can't take it I applaud them 100%. Keep up the good work and one day you might reach the humour level of The Llamas or the bard Mckinney.

Chemical or two bricks it doesn't matter

If all else fails!

Back on the 'patch' a juv Black Tern was a pleasant surprise, particularly given the fact that it's shit for Terns having only had two Common all year. To prove how bad it is it spent just ten minutes there before spending the rest of the day at nearby Treeton.