16th October. Back to Work

Spent most of yesterday staring at the rain through Rob's window. However this did prove worthwhile in that I got Rob a new house tick, Goosander, and saw the Great Grey Shrike (much to the annoyance of Rob) that Andy found. A wander round Toab again saw me drawn to the shop where I purchased provisions for the journey home a egg and Bacon and chicken in white sauce. The village was full of tick hungry Shetlanders lucking for Rob's Coal Tit, so I wandered off in the direction of Exnaboe where I got very wet and ate the first of the 'way home' pies egg and bacon 6 points as it was more flan than pie! Andy departed at 11 and having got changed I decided that my trip was over and that I would concentrate my efforts on staring out of the window at the POV. This was until Russ Haywood had a selection of 'scarce' in a now birderless Toab. Rob and I wandered into Toab for a last look and managed just another Yellow-browed. I also ate the other pie!

So that was it another Shetland trip over, but I'll be back next October.

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