26th October. Probable Birding

What a strange weekend for probables. Firstly the Little Blue Heron in Carmarthenshire. I'd planned to go for this today as yesterday was a no no, due to Beth not being interested in drab juv Herons. Fortunately my picky ticking tweenager did me a real favour as we would have spent Saturday getting very frustrated and seeing just Little Egrets. Nearby in Powys (which is not really nearby at all but it sounds better) was the report of a 1st winter drake Siberian Thrush, which had had some strange overnight gender swapover after initally being a female. RBA reported it something like this "In Powys an unconfirmed report of a possible Zoothera thought likely to be a probable male/female adult/immature Siberian Thrush. Probably present for c.4 days in a garden centre/coffee shop where a nice selection of potted plants/cakes may be purchased" I suspect this bird will never see the light of day probably!

Today there was a report of a possible Northern Flicker (Hampshire) seen flying up off a grass verge in to some woods- BOLLOCKS! Green Woodpecker feeding on a grass verge flying off in to woods more like.

As you will have now gathered no birding was done today, though I did have two probable Fieldfares over the house at 10:00hrs GMT. They of course weren't probables but by claiming them as probables I open up a whole can of worms (or can of moths as a colleague of mine once said) what if these probable Fieldfares weren't Fieldfares but something far rarer like er Ring Ouzels they have a similar call to Fieldfares well similar if your a bit deaf. Come to think of it I was talking to the next door neighbour at the time so I probaly didn't here them properly that's it then, today I saw two probable Ring Ouzels over the house at 10:00hrs GMT. See it's that easy 2 probables go out on the pager (though I wouldn't of course put out two Fieldfares) and everyone thinks I'm great*

The whole of the day was infact spent stripping wallpaper and as a result my right arm feels like it did when I was 15, but without the accompanying crusty sock**

* Actually anyone would think I was a total wanker claiming a probable Ring Ouzel.

** See scene from American Pie

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