3rd October. North Bound

Tomorrow sees the start of this years Shetlandathon. Already my baggage is on it's way (wouldn't it be great if all baggage was this easy to get rid of?) in the boot of the trusty Drunkbirder. The weather charts are all over the shop with the only guarantee being that they will be some - weather that is! Rumours of crowds ten deep are as yet unconfirmed as is the vicious rumour of the shop selling out of pies by 7am! We'll just have to see what occurs and enjoy the atmosphere, I refuse to use that annoying word craic as it's for the Irish and twats that visit Scilly year in year out and see F' all i.e "we come here for the craic".

Regular updates and pie news will follow in due course.

I'm no Michael Fish but that looks nasty.


Andy Mackay said...

Isn't it spelt 'craic'?

I hope you've packed your thermals Mark - it's unbelievably cold here!!

Mark said...

What a F' wit I am

Skev said...

See you've edited the post, but I orignally I thought you meant creche - somewhere for all the kid listers to be cared for.
Have a good Shetland.