6th October. Never give up

The day started off looking promising with a nice light easterly breeze and one or two obvious ‘new in’ migrants in the shape of a Barred Warbler in the Nordagerdi garden and around 6 Wheatears in the Toab area. However things went downhill from there. A walk to Scatness revealed nothing but a juv’ Brent Goose and a Grey Plover.

The Nordagerdi crew were having a similar day but managed to keep their spirits high by getting over excited about Peregrines etc. Returning to the Toab area I decided to pay a second visit to the shop in the hope that a pie delivery might cheer me up. Unfortunately they had only the ‘Meat’ variety that I tasted on my arrival so I complained to the management about the lack of suitable pastry provisions, bought a bag of crisps and left!

After a short tea break we set of towards Exnaboe and saw nowt. The remainder of the day was spent around the Sumburgh area where the highlight was a Hedgehog! Though the Nordagerdi lot found a Yellow-browed Warbler and a Greenland Redpoll. After spending eight hours in the field we gave up and returned to Sunny Dell for another curry thoroughly knackered and pissed off.

"Hello Birdnet, Hedgehog showing well at Sumburgh mate"

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