4th October. Three Degrees on Shetland

Surprisingly not Prince Charles's favourite Afro headed pop group but the temperature as we touched down at Sumburgh! On leaving the airport several cars were showing signs of snowfall - not a good sign. As well as hailstones, rain and snow there was also a biting northerly. Not ideal rare conditions. After Rob had picked me up I requested a stop off at the Toab shop. Unfortunately only two 'meat' pies remained I purchased these and reheated them. A very disappointing specimen that needed the addition of ketchup - 5 points!

Arriving at Rob's I decided to take Sparky for a walk and encourage him to walk along the shore in the vain hope that he might flush some sheltering vagrant, which of course he didn't.
Returning somewhat windswept and cold I decided to take the car and check the Golden Plovers around Fleck. There were lots of Goldies but not much else so I decided to check the pie situation at nearby Mainlands. Once again pie was in short supply and the only types on off were a Steak Brodie (which looks like a pasty) and a slice of Grosvenor Pie (which looks like Pork Pie with an egg in it). I opted for the latter an improvement on the earlier pies but only a 6 as it made me gip a bit.

Bad news of the day was the defection of our regular cook to the Drunkbirders, who have no doubt lured him with pornographic literature and a bunk up with young Dave! As a result we had to make do with a Fray Fry Up washed down with lager.

Tomorrow might be a bit better.

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John Hague said...

Yes the Cook is our bitch now. The Roast Chicken followed by Apple Crumble was a treat. We got man-sized portions as well by request!

Today we smacked our bitch up and he's knocking up a chicken stew tonight with the left-overs.