5th October . No Birds and No Pies

Twas God that said un to Moses "thought shall eat no pastry based products upon the Sabbath for thou are a reet fat bastard (as everyone knows God is from Rotherham)" This was of course the little known 11th commandment which is seldom published in the scriptures. As a result pies, on a Sunday, are a no no up here in the very god fearing Shetlands - Amen.

It would also appear that he has banished all birds from these lands and landed us with a plague of wind and rain to prevent us birding upon the Sabbath. Well it appears to be working as I'm sat here writing this rubbish. However I did have a walk around Toab and saw a few Skylarks and a fly over Great Northern Diver.

A slight improvement during the afternoon with a Red-throated Pipit reported in the Valley of Plenty. Unfortunately it's at times like this when you discover the true amount of Birders visiting Shetland. Being the only new good bird of the day this attracted a sizeable crowd with over 50 birders arriving, many of whom were happy to tick off a Meadow Pipit! We soon tired of the crowd and left to purchase provisions.

A Sabine's Gull was reported heading towards The Pool of Virkie, half way through cooking a curry, but unfortunately it couldn't be relocated. We decided to return to the Pipit and managed excellent views with just a crowd of 7.

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Anonymous said...

I nearly pee'd my pants at the video you posted, well done Mr Reeder.
Jamima Trumpton

Anonymous said...


John Hague said...

Fucking priceless!