7th October. Theory of Pie

Looking back to my trip last year one thing is immediately obvious, the weather was better and there were far more birds. However one other thing is clear there were far more pies of many varieties. There appears to be obvious correlation between the amount of pies and the amount of 'rares' . Today there was a light trickle of migrants in the South Mainland area namely Redwings, Fieldfare, Brambling, Reed Warbler, Ring Ouzel and Yellow-browed Warbler. This coincided with the availability of hot Scotch Pies at Mainlands. With the expected appearance of Lasagne Pie tomorrow we can indeed look forward to something of a rarer nature e.g Radde's Warbler. The discovery of the ultra rare Macaroni Cheese Pie could result in the finding of something within the range of Sibe' Thrush etc.

From the chart below we can see the affect that pie has on the occurrence of scarce therefore
rare = (pie10-)X(rare2 if 2 is - to crust x filling + heat) It has now been raining since 13:30 causing a retreat to Sunnydell where cooking, blogging and the consumption of alcohol has taken precedence. However the highlight of the afternoon was discovering computer birding which apparently rates me as an expert - hmm

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Tyrannosaurus Rex Harrison Ford said...

If Macaroni Pie = Mega Bird then George Street in Aberdeen will be worth checking out in the morrow...