11th October :Washing my pants

Due to the horrible weather spent much of the day washing my pants, updating the blog and catching up on much needed sleep. I have had a disturbing report that the Nordagerdi crew have scored highly in the pie stakes at the Lerwick CO-OP. Looks like I'm going to be seriously gripped off when the smug pie faced b'stards return.
Took Sparky for a walk to Nordagerdi (with thoughts of raiding the fridge) it dawned on me that dogs really are man's best friend they return your loyalty with love and affection and don't piss off with another dog when you're at your lowest ebb in life. Took Sparky for yet another walk this time into Toab.

Tonight was Shetland soup night. The Nordagerdi crew were already in place at Helens, blagging the best chairs and supping half the wine - though to be fair they did at least take some.
The Nordagerdi Gay Boys (M N Reeder)

The lovely ladies of Toab (M N Reeder)

The soup was presented in two great vats and was excellent served with bread and a plate of smoked sheep which was also very good. After wiping out the wine we moved on to the single malts which were polished off in an hour or so. The next hour and a half were a bit of a blur as I spent it hung over the bog, no doubt a dodgey pie was the culprit here. I reappeared around 3am. Simon, who had apparently collapsed and Dave had gone back to Nordagerdi but John was still sat there doing his best impression of a northern (England) drunk. Incidentally John's pies, from the Lerwick CO-OP, were not acceptable on grounds that they had been mass produced rather than hand crafted like the fine pies of Sandwick and thus reside in catergory D i.e. Pies that have not occured in a natural state. At around 4am we returned to Sunnydell, we couldn't really stay much longer as Helen had gone to bed almost an hour earlier!


LaRGE (Piegobbler) said...

Will expect to see fuzzy pics of the pies on Surfpies to prove it all before allowing them in the PIE400 Club list and letting you be a legend in your own Pietime!

Mark said...

Do you advocate the splitting of Beef and Onion from steak and Onion as a distinct species.

Anonymous said...

I hope my sausage rolls have a good rating on your pie scale, or you've had your last!!


Mark said...

Your sausage rolls are a step above anything pie like.

Piegobbler said...

I'll go as far as to say I firmly believe in splitting Highland Steak & Onion from Common Steak & Onion too.

What's more, Lesser St Kilda Steak & Onion is also acceptable on the PIE400 club rules. No, I ain't saying that just 'cos I am the only one to have had one!


LaRGE Piegobbler!

(Disco Roadshows for Fat Piemunchers, Pointless Bird Magazines that burn well in Vauxhall Astras, Slide Shows of Rare Pies and Guidebooks on the Rarer Pies of the UK)

Mark said...

I think I have a photo of you taken some years back at South Stack.

Piegobbler said...

Okay, please do NOT publish that photograph. I was only washing myself, you know?