17th October: The big weigh in

After consuming a great deal of quality pies over the last eleven days it was time to take to the scales. With the morning ablutions out of the way I stood on the scales. Now my weight before embarking on this trip was 12 stone and 5lbs, to my utter amazement my new weighjt was 12 stone and 4 lbs. There you go it goes to prove that several gallons of Guiness and countless pies are good for you.
As for the Lancashire Hotpot Pie. I ate that whilst waitng for the car park bus in a very wet Birmingham Airport. This however did not spoil the flavour and experience of this quality pie and I gave it the maximum cold rating of 10 on the pie scale. Arriving home at midnight I hit the sack and slept solid until 8am.
With no work today my main plan was to go and the see the Slavonian Grebe that had been residing on my local patch, Rother Valley Country Park, for the last week or so. On arrival it was showing well infront of the duck feeding area but was then chased around by two lairy photographers who kept running after it each time it dived. After a week of sensible behaviour on the Shet's this was slightly annoying particularly as the Kevin Keegan type perm one claims to be a pro photographer! Anyway I'd already got some shots so I went home and with great sadness to eat my last Shetland Pie, a delicious White Sauce and Chicken.


The Dolly Lama said...

Did you do a 1lb poo? Piethagarus theory should be applied to the sums.

I'm just making another pot of souper sheep soup. Practising for hogmanay. How many sleeps until you return to 60N?

Pip pip!

Mark said...

Seventy Two and counting x