24th October: Shetland V Scilly

Oh no not another Shetland V Scilly bird discussion I here you all moan. Well no because that would be a total waste of energy, particularly as even the South Mainland (with approximately just 30 active birders) pissed all over Scilly again. Likewise for pies there was just no contest with the only pie on Scilly being the very elusive pasties in the Turtle's Head on St Agnes. According to regular pies and birds contributor John Hague they were totally un-tickable during his visit - should have had another week at Virkie you daft Barnsley Chop. Of course you only need to scan through these pages to realise how good Shetland performed, on both fronts, this autumn and it still continues to produce the goods.

This of course raises the very important question. Do pasties count as pies? A colleague of mine wasted a whole pound by asking the know all text service AQA "what is the difference between a pie and a pasty." Their eye opening response was as follows "The difference between pasties and pies is that pasties are flatter in construction, whereas pies are round, also the pastry in pasties is thinner. A full British pound well spent Nicky!!!

So what are you opinions on the Pie v Pasties debate?


Rob said...

Pie = good
Pasty = bad

That's my opinion.

And yes, Shetland is better than Scilly. There are more SM's here.

John Hague said...

I have to agree Shetland is much better than Scilly. Having tried them back-to-back I realised this when I was loafing around with loads of others waiting for a glimpse of a Little Bunting. I started to think how crap Scilly has become. The Island bakery on St Mary's remained resolutely shut all week and any pie we saw served in pubs were those disappointing stews with a flaky biscuit lid that's been nowhere near the gravy.
Shetland next year for me, maybe in September though for an early fall of pies and birds, still need Lancy, Great Snipe, Yellow-breasted Bunting and Chicken & White Sauce.

col said...

shetland tops scillies easy - you can find yer own stuff and there's no crowds of twats.

Pies are a much more versitile medium than pasties - whoever heard of a macaroni pasty or a tattie & bean pasty? Actually, they do sound quite good but don't exist so stick to the pies!

The Leicester Llama said...

No, no, Shetland's rubbish - nothing to see here, just move along.... or preferably stay on Scilly please.

Earl Gray said...

Pies = good
Pasties = very good

My opinion is Shetland is top,the best place in the UK to find rare birds.
I must admit my first trip to Shetland this year was excellent.
You can find your own birds, and the twitch surge is minimal, the largest twitch the drunkbirders saw was maybe 25 birders standing in the field at Toab for the Pechora Pipit.
So Shetland has my vote.
Earl Gray.

Skev said...

Can't really comment on the current birding scene - I haven't picked up my bins and scope in anger for over 5 years :-(

So excluding birds, Shetland certainly seems better for pies, ponies and letting holiday homes, but Scilly still has the edge for other non-birding pursuits such as mothing and joy-riding golf buggies.

Pie or pasty? I suppose the difference is that pasties have the filling folded into a single piece of pastry with the opening rolled back and sealed up, whereas a proper pie has the filling contained in a two-part pastry construction.

The other difference is that pies are a robust and manly foodstuff (construction) whereas pasties are undoubtedly the food of uphill gardeners (sealed up opening).

Rob said...

I'd forgotten all about joy-riding golf buggies. Not that I'd do anything of the sort you understand. So yes, Scilly is better. Everybody should go there and leave me in peace here.