27th October: SAD syndrome just around the corner

What joy the last day of British summer time and nothing to look forward too but doom and gloom.
Spent an hour at Catcliffe Flash this morning, probably the longest amount of time I've ever spent there. The reason being that Bethany had requested it (I normally drive straight past on my way to RV) as she wanted to get to grips with duck I.D. and being the kind parent that I am how could I possibly refuse. Highlights were ducks various, which with the aid of the Collins Guide I managed to I.D eventually and a smart male Peregrine which was my first at this site. However as I was getting Beth' back into the car I noticed an unfamiliar Ladybird on one of the rear tyres. Fortunately Beth' had seen these on Newsround and recognised it as the evil Harlequin Ladybird so we splattered it and got in the car. Actually we didn't I photographed and left it alone to wreak havoc on the biodiversity of Catciffe Flash.

Evil Harlequin Ladybug on slightly suspect Bridgestone

With Beth now hooked on ducks we decided to move on to RVCP. A walk around the Main Lake revealed bugger all even the long staying Slav' Grebe was hiding, though we did see a pantomime camel, several men dressed as busty women and a couple of young ladies in sumo outfits with this we retreated to the Cafe. Unfortunately the only pie like products that the cafe sells are Ginsters pasties which are really only edible from motorway service stations as a last resort during a long distance twitch. We settled for two giant chip butties, which to you foreigners i.e. not from Rotherham/Sheffield is chips in a breadcake*
*For bread cake see also - Balm Cake, Bread Roll, Cob, Stotty, Teacake etc etc

You should see some of the blockers on my list

With almost a week passing since a pie an emergency food parcel from the Sandwick Bakery might be in order.


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell Mark Bethany is growing up! they don't stay babies for long you know. Liked the discription of you as a jaguar, thought it might have been Peugeot to a...er..er..bloody french cars. oh well never mind.

John Hague said...

Ginsters! I couldn't eat ine even in the circumstances you allow, the cheeky buggers are even trying to pass of a Melton Mowbray Pork Pie, no doubt made in Cornwall!
Teacakes are an interesting aside; are you aware that in Barnsley the Teacake Union BTU has treated teacake and currant teacake as seperate species for years now. Do the good Burghers of Rotherham and Sheffield accept the split?

John Hague said...

On re-reading your description of teacake I must say that the BTU also accept the split of breadcake from teacake. Teacakes always have a softer crust and a more sweet bread dough. Breadcakes can vary in crust but are usually larger and more strongly flavoured. Breadcakes can also come on a brown morph whilst teacakes are always white. Currant teacakes obviously share similar field charactersitics to a 'plain' teacake* but obviously contain fruit.
* The BTU has proposed the following names for all publications
(White) Breadcake
Brown Breadcake
Plain Teacake
Currant Teacake