28th October: Rain rain go away

Typical you plan a day walking in the Peak District to escape the drudgery of life and it pisses it down. Looks like I'll be doing my ironing and watching the Hollyoaks omnibus. However the weekend hasn't been a total waste had a very nice meal at Tim and Kerrie's
(of sausage roll pie fame) last night, though the resulting wind problem made me glad to be sleeping alone. This would have been the weekends highlight had not my friends on Shetland phoned me at 1:30am (2:30 bst). Not quite sure what state they were in but it was good to hear from them and made me long to be up there even more, only 62 more days.
After lunch and doing my ironing, for two hours, and watching Hollyoaks I finally ventured out for a spot of birding at RVCP. Predictably it was dull but I did at least see the Slav' Grebe this time. With Strictly Come Dancing and a bottle of Rose to look forward to I am concerned that I might be turning gay!! Perhaps some of the cows in those pies had had a few hormones too many!!!
Sandwick Bakery Pie Mecca


Kerrie said...

Mark,I dont think its the food you eat that makes you fart, it must be the company you keep, after all Mr Norman and I are hardly windfree.

Keep up the good work, you may find your own power source.

Anonymous said...

Turning gay! You did once offer to get kylie tickets so that we could go together!..ummmm

Rob said...

Re: gayness. Probably best not to mention that we woke up in the same bed a few weeks ago then. Oh, you already have.

Anonymous said...

Yes Kerrie, but you mostly eat your own cooking, so it's hardly a surprise that you and Tim fart a lot.

You make cows and vegetarians look wind free by comparison!

Kerrie said...

The following message is for John Hague regarding his comments 22nd October re my 'pie within a pie' and the use of flaky pastry in savoury pies. I dont know about where you live but up in the Glorious North sausage rolls are generally made with flaky pastry, therefore it would seem foolish to use anything else for a sausage roll pie. Maybe its a case of 'Dont knock it till you've tried it' or even 'sour grapes' as you've have never tried one. Ive certainly never had any complaints over the years re my sausage rolls ans Ive certainly made plenty, most of which Mr Reeder has consumed.

Mark said...

Don't rub John up the wrong way he's very touchy about issues regarding pastry. He also claims to be a Psycho nurse but I think he walks a very fine line!! Not to mention that he originates from Barnsley and follows the pigs.

Anonymous said...

But John doesn't know what he is talking about, good pastry combos (whether they are sweet or savoury are a marriage of good pastry and a good filling).

Steak pie for example - if a bottomless pie can be either flaky or suet crust - if a plate pie (ie pie with a bottom) shortcrust or suet.

I can't stand cooked fruit, but like the pasty, so I scrape out the fruit and eat the pastry.

Have you tried Scotch pies either with the top smashed in with beans and brown sauce or with the top smashed in and vinegar mixed with the meat?

John Hague said...

I had no great problem with Flaky pastry when it was still a novelty and used in a savoury capacity in sausage rolls only. Staniforths sausage rolls were indeed splendid in the old days.
What I really object to is the rise in flaky pastry whereby pubs etc claim an item as a pie only to serve up a stew with a biscuit on top. Personally I love a suet crust on a pie but I'm afraid my adventure in flaky pastry are now few and far between and generally disappointing.
Kerrie I'm sure you creation is delicious and I feel unable to comment further without trying some.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you can't trust Kerrie's judgement on pastry, the weirdo doesn't like it.


John Hague said...

Pies with vinegar annon? That sounds like an exiled Donny birder that does. Care to reveal yourself?

Anonymous said...

Brenda Wilson, Malcolm Stoneway's other-half.

It's cold in the side-car, and smells like a hamster cage