16th October: Who ate all the pies?

A very wet blustery start to the last day didn't see Rob and I venture out until 12 though to our credit we did work the Sumburgh Head, Farm, Hotel and Grutness areas thoroughly, though via a refreshment stop with the very hospitable Mr Ellis. Early afternoon saw us head to the Sandwick to get a selection of fine pies. Bugger me on entering the shop it became clear that they had sold out!! Disaster. The only remaining pies were a couple of 'meat' pies so I popped them in the microwave and promptly consumed them. However I did manage to get a bakery carrier bag which I will give to the lucky person who can email me a shot of the elusive sausage and bean pie.
We then checked a few fields for Golden Plover flocks but spirits were low following the pie disaster. There was always a chance however that Mainlands would come up trumps and they did just that. Not only was there a selection of previously ticked pies but also a rather new phenomenon in the form of a Lancashire Hot Pot Pie. A review of this pie will follow as it's still festering in my hand luggage. A White Sauce and Chicken Pie was also purchased t this point.

It was now time to say my good buys to Rob and the two Andy's and depart for the airport.
Once gain with a heavy heart I said goodbye to the wonderful Shetland, however this time I will be back much sooner 10 weeks and 4 days exactly.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip the best yet: Rob, Helen, Andy, Andy, Rachel, Katrina, Hugh, Pete and Ken and anyone else I might have missed.

I came for the birds but stayed for the pies


Little Sister said...

If I'd realised you were going off to fill your face with a plethora of pies, I'd have insisted on a weigh-in before you left!

It'll be interesting to see whether or not your persistent pie munching has resulted in the reappearance of the Reeder pot belly (first developed by our chocolate scoffing father), or whether you actually managed to keep the lard deposits at bay, chasing birds around the island with the local paedo ring!!

Glad you had a good time though, I'll tell mother to get you some pies in!


Mark said...

Weight loss in fact!! Incredible I know but I was very active last week. And it's Piedo

Skev said...

Now you're just being piedantic ...

little sister said...

Ha, ha.. sorry, my mince pies must need testing!!