29th October: Gym'll fix it.

Well I've been threatening it for ages but now I've finally got round to joining the gym. Not because the recent pie fest has taken it's toll but simply so I can sample more quality pies without paying the price.

Dad you've forgotten your bra


Anonymous said...

I would be interested to know what the great birder / pie muncher's opinion is of Morrison's Pies - I find their Lamb & Mint Pie most agreeable.

Kerrie said...

Looks like you have been eating too much beetroot Mr Reeder, or is that sunburn? try factor 50 next time I find that works!

Mark said...

Morrison's Pies? Sounds like the mass produced type manufactured in a factory full of Eastern European immigrants. I am of course happy to be proven wrong.

Yes I think it was sunburn Kerrie. I must point out that the belly is now much reduced, though more through stress than lack of pie consumption.