Happy Birfday too me..etc etc etc

Today is my birthday - happy birthday too me.

Tonight I went to a Halloween party in the small village of Whiston. Being a miserable shit I didn't bother getting dressed up for the occasion. There were plenty of adults dressed up, particularly women, but unfortunately being Rotherham it was at times difficult to tell whether any of them were actually wearing masks or not! At 11pm and after several pints of my friend Mr Guinness we wandered home.

According to Mr Fray his toilet apparently empties directly into the POV. This is a great comfort in that despite being some 600 or so miles away I am still contributing to the biodiversity of the POV. What is particularly rewarding is that the near resident Killdeer could be benefitting from all those pie deposits that I made several weeks back. How many birders can boast that a BB rarity might have feasted on their bodily deposits? What I find disturbing though is the fact that some birds could be feeding on the porn filled kleenex deposited from the chalet of Virkie!!!


John Hague said...

Happy Birthday Mark, get yourself down to Leicester and we'll go for a beer and a curry. Actually I'm off to a comedy gig tonight but we could go out after.
Any birthday surpies?

The Dolly Lama said...

Happie Birthday Marky Birdrob!!!

Only 60ish sleeps til your aged jobbies may grace the shores of Virkie.

Have Fun!

Anonymous said...

I think you should organise a Shetland Pie Fest 2008 where one of the main events could be a pie eating competition - mind you, if humongous Norm goes nobody stands a chance !!!

Mark said...

Sorry too pissed to respond. Cheers Dolly and John Beer and Curry sounds good. Soup and stuff at New Year would be good Dolly x

John Hague said...

Got my tickets through for the RL test match at Wigan on the 10th so there'll be a report on my blog from the spiritual home of pies and pie-eating.