1st November: Nostalgia trip

Stop Press News: Rob texted me last night to inform me that he is back behind bars. This is good news for the single mothers of Shetland (or anywhere for that matter) who will now be able to rest in their beds or wherever they choose to sleep.
After a bit of a lie in this morning, following excess Guinness, I ventured out to work. One of the many nice points of my job is that I do get to see a few different sites around Sheffield. Today was a bit of a nostalgia trip in that I was visiting the place where my dad was brought up and where my parents first met -Tinsley. Smack bang in the centre of industrial Sheffield and on the doorstep of the Full Monty. Sadly now most of the steelworks are gone the biggest employer being the nearby minimum wage hotspot that is Meadowhell. Anyhow I parked outside my grannies old house - what a dump! Whilst I was there a suspicious looking southeast Asian character arrived at the door. I bet it's being used as a Cannabis manufacturing plant or a crack den. What would dear old Kitty say? The old CO-OP where my mum and dad met is now a Al hal grocers infact the whole area has a distinct ethnic appeal!

Northern squalor

Enough about the old days I'm starting to turn into my dad and you wouldn't want that! Yesterday I was presented with a impressive birthday pie! As I don't have a sweet tooth a pie is far more appropriate than a cake. Once again this was created by Kerrie whose skills with pies are fast becoming legendary, I feel her days as an admin' officer are numbered and it is only a matter of time before her pastry products become an household name. As always the pie lived up to expectations and I dare say was the finest meat and tattie pie I have ever tasted.

Birthday Pie (Meat and Potato)

Henderson's. Essential Pie condiment (not available outside South Yorkshire)


Skev said...

I just did a google on 'pies birds' - over a million hits including:

Have you started a pie bird list yet?

Anonymous said...

I bet she buys the pastry...I bet she cheats!

Kerrie said...

Dear Anonymous (I KNOW WHO YOU ARE)
I do not buy the pastry, I make it with my own fair hands using a recipe handed down to me from my Mothers, Mothers,Mothers, Mothers,Mothers, Mothers,Mothers, Mothers,Mothers, Mothers,Mothers, Mothers,Mothers, Mothers,Mothers, Mothers,Mothers, Mothers,Mother.

Who said they only ate grass and meat in the stone age!!

John Hague said...

That is one fine looking pie. I bet you were chuffed to bits with that. Like you I'm not one for sweetstuff and a savoury pie would be my ideal birthday treat anyday.
You've got a good friend there in Kerrie, I wish my friends would do me a pie for my birthday.
My old Mum used to make a lovely Meat and Potato pie on Mondays using up leftovers, she'd sometimes put a bit of Corned Beef in to bulk it up. Mmmm... great with Henderson's as you say or a bit of brown sauce. Mushy peas were the only other accompaniment required.

Anonymous said...

Right then Kerrie, so you do buy the pastry and you don't wash your hands - right, got it

Anonymous said...