15th November: Boring

Today was quite boring.

A diet of pies never hurt me

Beware not all Macaroni pies are the same as Mr Fray reports below.

Today I went to Fetlar (again). You can read all about the exciting birds I saw on my blog (including co-finding a White-billed Diver) but you will be more interested in pies I expect. So here is a short review of a pie stop today at the shop at Ulsta on Yell.
The fridge only had four pies in it - two "meat" pies and two of the legendary macaroni cheese pies. I was all of a quiver about this, but then spotted a hot food cabinet thing which contained some more macaroni pies. However, the ones in the hot food cabinet were not made by Johnson and Wood, who are the people who make all the good pies here. I decided to give this unmarked macaroni cheese pie in the hot food cabinet a go. It is my sad duty to report that it was not very good. The macaroni cheese wasn't very cheesy and there wasn't the expected baked bean bonus underneath. I awarded it 5 out of 10, plus 2 points for the heating facility. Unfortunately, it then lost all its marks and became the first pie to get minus points as I gave a bit to Sparky and he was sick!
Here endeth today's pie report from up north


John Hague said...

You should always try and find out the provenance of any pie you purchase. Pukka pies have now been reported from the Scottish borders with isolated pockets in Glasgow and Edinburgh. These pies are thought to have been abandoned by disappointed travellers coming from East Midlands and Birmingham airports. I suggest writing to the SNP http://www.snp.org/ to see what action they propose on these frankly sub-standard English pies being recklessly introduced.
Act now or the Scotch Pie or Meat, Veg and tattie Pie may become as threatened as the Red Squirrel!

Andy Mackay said...

I shall have nightmares about that magazine cover for weeks!

Anonymous said...

That mag cover has made me look forward to your visit to the Lovely Leicester even more!!