12th November: I don't care if Monday's blue

A good day today. First off Ms Miggins (AKA Kerrie) brought me in a new pie -a Mousaka Pie no less. A worthy rival for its Italian cousin the famous Lasagne Pie. Another first rate effort Ms Miggins. An hour long interview late morning was successful in that I progressed to my next grade.

Famous pie person No.2 William 'Fatty' Foulke

According to the Times

The football chant "Who ate all the pies?" dates back more than 100 years, researchers have discovered. Sung to the tune of Knees Up Mother Brown, it was directed at Sheffield United's 24-stone goalkeeper William 'Fatty' Foulke by his own fans in 1894.


Wibble wibble said...

Nice to see a pic of you now!

John Hague said...

Congratulations on the promotion. Who the hell took that photo of me playing 5-a-side?

Mrs Miggins said...

Mark, even though I say so myself (as the creator) and I know it tasted nice, that picture of the Mousaka Pie looks like a big poo on a plate!

Mark said...

I have to agree the picture does not do it justice. Talking of pictures don't you think the one of Fatty looks a bit like someone you know?