20th-23rd November: I was sleeping

It's been a pretty uneventful few days though things have improved on the pie front.
Firstly I have a photo of a Fish pie made by Helen. This could be a serious contender for one of Kerrie's pies, though until I am back on Shetland to sample one (hint hint) we will not know.

The second pie of the week was a hand made Pork Pie from the Proper Pasty Company. It was quite nice although a little salty and would, had it not spent the afternoon repeating on me, have earned a decent 8/10. Instead I can only give it 4.

Final pie of the week was a stunning pair from Laura, Steak and Mushroom from the Denby Dale Pie Company. This was a quality pie (even when microwaved) in every way and scored the maximum 12 points. These pies are available from Waitrose and Sainsbury's and cost about three quid.


Mrs Miggins said...

I hope you have still got your sense of smell after tonight?

John Hague said...

Mmmmm... pies... Mmmmm

Mark said...

Hi Mrs Miggins. Just come out of coma from the resulting wind of that delicious stifado (I always think that sounds like something I used to wake up with!!)