10th November: Too much pie

When I were a lad my old mum (though she was actually a lot younger than I am now) used to pop to the local shop on a Saturday morning and return with a fresh baked pork pie. Thus my love of proper hand made pies was born. Unfortunately the baker went bust years ago and a decent pork pie is now an endangered species in these parts. For instance today I had half a 1Lb pie for an afternoon snack! It was not good and even with a liberal dollop of HP did not improve. Perhaps the £1 sticker on it should have been a clue to the quality.

Anyway that fan of beer, rugby league, the Pigs and pies John Hague has sent me a fine picture of his man breasts. Bizarrely they resemble two steak and tattie pies.


Rob said...

Where I used to be from (or nearby at least) is the capital of pork pies (Melton Mowbray). You should get your arse down there and eat some. Watch out for the locals though - they are extremely strange in Melton.

John Hague said...

Don't worry Rob, hopefully Mark is going to come down for a Curry in December, I'll take him to the Taj on Highfields Street and maybe take him to Melton to visit the spiritual home of handmade Pies: The Olde Pork Pie Shoppe.

Mrs Miggins said...

Mark, I have decided that from now on I will be leaving my comments on your blog using my new alias 'Mrs Miggins' to reflect my pie making efforts. However I will not be endorsing new guise by donning the 'wench' style outfit as used in Black Adder.

Hey Nonney, Nonney!

Mrs Miggins- artist previously known as Kerrie.

Mark said...

I must admit your resemblence to the real Mrs Miggins is striking, particularly the hat!!