9th November: Friday I'm in love

So sang the Cure, but what do they know.......

A couple of site visits this morning, to photograph some bits of road, resulted in a pair of Peregrines over Midhope Moors.

A bit of road

Unfortunately the Purple Sand' was not seen this morning.

Spent this evening looking up train and ferry fares to the Northern Isles. Train £57, ferry £45. The only drawback being that it takes a full 24 hours to get up there!

On the pie front I have been promised a freebie from the Denby Dale Pie Company. Providing Laura doesn't eat it first I should be able to review it shortly.

Mr Norman demonstrates how to correctly eat a pie (though admittedly using a sandwich) whilst at the same time keeping all of your finger ends.


Kerrie said...

Very scary indeed that picture of Mr Norman, at least you dont get see that everyday of your life like I do. On the pie front, a pie is on its way to you but the contents shall remain a puzzle until you eat it? Clue 1: Would Zorba approve? Clue 2: Why is a vegetable named after something that a bird lays? Any ideas?

Mark said...

I have could it be almost as big a sensation as the hallowed lasagne pie.