28th-30th November: Life is great again

Having sold my soul to the Building Society I can now look forward to another 40 (yes 40) years of mortgage payments, I forgot to mention that males in my family seldom make it to pensionable age!!
Highlight of the last couple of nights was an evening with birding mates involving beer and a monster Chinese. Nothing else of note except I'm feeling happier than I have done for years.
Today is Drunk Birders piss up eve. By tradition this should involve consuming too much beer, eating hi fat foods followed by some birding in a semi drunken state. However as it is easy to wander around on Shetland half cut and go birding, we might have a problem creating the effect. That is unless we wander around Birstall looking in peoples gardens and climbing fences - hmm I wonder.

Quote of the day: Female contestant on Deal or no Deal "I have never had a big one in my box" narrrrrrrr


John Hague said...

Are you suggesting a late night, drunken game of Grand National?

Mrs Miggins said...

Grand National? sounds intriging you must divulge Mr Reeder!

Mark said...

We didn't get drunk enough to attempt
the Grand National, which basically involves leaping over hedges in peoples gardens.