24th November: Social Embarrassment

A warning to all you fellow birders out there. According to Parker Rhodes (tin pot solicitors in Rotherham) Birdwatching causes Social Embarrassment - you have been warned.

Anyway it pissed it down today so being the weekend parent, that I now am, Beth and I went swimming. After swimming it was raining even harder so we went into Sheffield for a bit of culture.
The Art of Willard Wigan

This is an exhibition of microscopic art that is totally mind blowing (even though I'm not into art per say). Basically it's microscopic sculptors within the eyes of needles or on pin heads. As I had the Samsung NV3 about me I took the opportunity to do a spot of impromptu digiscoping. If you get the chance to go then go.

The Leicestershire branch of the 'cheque book birders'
Christmas fancy dress party 2007 was a big let down.


John Hague said...

Looks like they chartered a broom stick to twitch the Mourning Dove that was somewher over the rainbow, at the end of the yellow brick road.
Notice how one of them is using a monopod for his scope.

Mrs Miggins said...

Mark, we did go to Wellhards exhibition and I was chatting to the man himself, he told me he prefers the more 'voluptuous'
female form, so maybe Im in luck with finding a millionaire (dont tell Tim, you know how jealous he gets)however we had to leave the
exhibition quite abruptly as due to the previous nights Stifado, Tim was in fear of blowing one of Wellhards works of art out of the room never to be seen again, which was a pity because I was going to commission him to make you a pie on a pin head, but we were escorted off the premises, in a cloud of methane!